About Me

Thomas’s passion with massage and holistic medicine began in 2018 when he spent a year in China studying tai chi, kung fu, and traditional Chinese medicine. While there he became very interested in the medical benefits of massage.  

Thomas then furthered his studies by interning at a traditional chinese medicine hospital in Ya’an China, where he became experienced in treating many musculoskeletal pain conditions, using Tui Na, Cupping, Gua Sha and other therapeutic exercises to achieve wellness. 

Upon return to the United States Thomas attended Daytona State College to further his studies in massage therapy, studying multiple modalities to improve his ability to help others to both relax and get relief from pain.

Thomas also has a degree in Space Operations and has previously worked for NASA, but now plans to continue his life pursuing holistic healing modalities. He enjoys spending time in nature, kayaking, reading and practicing martial arts.     

Training and Specialities

Thomas has interned at Jia An Su Wen Gu Fen hospital, in Ya’an China, where he became experienced at treating many musculoskeletal pain issues such as; plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel, frozen shoulder, joint pain, headache, stress and anxiety. 

Additionally Thomas has studied reflexology, and multiple styles of medical massage.


Florida State Licensed Massage Therapist: MA95723

Daytona State College – Graduated with Honors

Wudang Chun Yang Sect 24th generation disciple


Currently Thomas offers massage therapy at Coastal Harmony Massage on Sunday-Thursday from 10am-7pm, and occasionally offers chair massage on Saturday at either the Port Orange Farmers Market, or the Daytona Flea and Farmers market.

Martial Arts

Thomas, (Cheng Hua 诚化), is a 24th generation disciple of Chun Yang Style of Wudang Daoism. Cheng Hua (Thomas Walker) has studied with his martial sister, Lindsey Wei in her residential program in the mountains of Oregon, and then furthered his studies by training for a year under his martial arts master Li Song Feng. 

His journey into martial arts began over a decade ago, with studies in Kendo, Aikido, and Ninjutsu. Thomas’s study of internal Wudang arts began in 2017 with a brief but influential 2 months of training under Lindsey Wei in her apprentice program in the mountains of Oregon. He then shortly afterwards traveled to China and spent all of 2018 studying Wudang internal martial arts. 

In 2020 he began teaching weekly at Surf Rider Yoga, teaching qigong and various longevity exercises to help promote people’s health during the pandemic.