About Thomas

Thomas is not your typical massage therapist. Thomas has has traveled across the world to truly learn the ins and outs to massage therapy and holistic medicine. In 2018, Thomas packed his bags and traveled to China, where he spent the next year studying and truly understanding Tai Chi, Kung Fu and traditional Chinese Medicine. While there, his interest in the medical benefits of massage began to flourish. He soon found himself interning at a traditional Chinese medicine hospital in Ya’an, China, where he became experienced in treating many musculoskeletal pain conditions using Tui Na, Cupping, Gua Sha and other therapeutic exercises to achieve wellness.  

To further his studies, upon returning to the United States, Thomas attended Daytona State College to further his studies in massage therapy, studying multiple modalities to improve his ability to help others relax and get relief from pain. 

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Massages Offered

Experience the tranquility of one of our massages at our office, inside Holistic Living Innovations in Port Orange, FL

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(848) 448-0003